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Welcome to StudioDAO, a movie studio owned by filmmakers and fans. Members purchase Super Tickets and vote on which movies receive weekly community grants. Grow your Greenlight Power by contributing to the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join StudioDAO?

Simple, just buy a Super Ticket. All Super Ticket minters receive StudioDAO Membership.

What is a Super Ticket?

Super Tickets help fund films. Super Tickets grant access to content and experiences during production. Check out the Super Tickets currently on sale in the Box Office.

What is StudioDAO U.N.A?

StudioDAO U.N.A. is an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association. When you buy a Super Ticket you receive a single non-transferable membership in StudioDAO U.N.A. You can sell or transfer your Super Ticket, but your membership in StudioDAO U.N.A. is non-transferable.

Do Super Tickets have utility?

You betcha! Super Tickets grant access to content and experiences customized for each film. Examples include StudioDAO Greenlight Power, exclusive NFT mints, film credit, premiere invites, behind-the-scenes events, and our favorite, custom designed movie specific ice cream flavors with Studio super pal, Nicholas Morgenstern.

What does Greenlighting a film mean?

Greenlighting is funding a movie. There are two ways to Greenlight a film on StudioDAO. You can support films directly by purchasing Super Tickets at the Box Office. Then you can vote on which film will receive a grant from the weekly Greenlight Vote.

How do I get Greenlight Power?

When you support a film, in addition to your Super Ticket, you also receive Greenlight Power. If you want to maximize your Greenlight Power you can buy Greenlight Power directly from the StudioDAO U.N.A. Juicebox. The issuance rate of Greenlight Power is adjustable to incentivize community formation.